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On-demand store replenishment,
at scale

Receive stock on a daily basis for efficient and profitable inventory management

Micro-fulfillment that fits your business, exactly


Efficiently manage your inventory

Prevent oversupply or stockouts by storing only exactly what you need, when you need it.


Get daily deliveries of what you need

Replace bulky weekly deliveries from centralized distribution centers with smaller, daily deliveries.


Provide a superior customer experience

Use your store to surprise and delight your customers, not as a storage facility.


Maximize profitability

Excess inventory in your store ties up valuable cash flow and costs more to store. It’s time to use your real estate to its full capacity.


Start small and scale fast

Store your products in one of our micro-fulfillment centers and subscribe to the capacity you need.


Total flexibility to fit your business

Whether you have 200 or 50K SKUs, change and adjust your inventory to accommodate seasonal demand and peaks.

How it works


Our proprietary robotics and AI are specially designed to support same-day fulfillment, ensuring speed, scale, and savings for your business.

Around-the-corner fast

We store your products in sites close to where your stores are, either in sites we own or on your real estate. This minimizes the notorious last mile and ensures speedy delivery.

Flexible to your unique needs

Based on your inventory, business and operational goals, and opex and capex requirements, we’ll create a model that’s just right for you today and adaptable over time.

Fast deployment

While other automated solutions require lengthy build-out and ramp-up times, you can get up and running with micro-fulfillment in as little as 100 days with our Quick Start Program or subscribe to the capacity you need in one of our sites.

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that’s best for your business

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