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Tel Aviv

Senior Applied Researcher

About the position

Senior Applied Researcher:

We are looking for an experienced researcher with multidisciplinary skills across data science, algorithms and engineering, to join our Applied Research team in Tel Aviv.

As a Senior Applied Researcher, you will conceive, design and implement solutions for the company’s core mission and deliver them to a business-critical production environment to ensure that our solution performance continuously improves.

You will leverage diverse tools to tackle a wide variety of real-world problems including performance bottlenecks identification (Queueing theory), multiple robots motion control (Pathfinding algorithms, Reinforcement Learning), stock optimisation (Data Mining), task prioritisation (Dynamic programming and other optimisation techniques), demand prediction (supervised ML) and more.



  • Model a complex multifaceted system that consists of hundreds of robots simultaneously performing dozens of tasks. 
  • Design and implement metrics to evaluate the performance of the robotics and software system and the operation model of using that system.
  • Design, evaluate and implement algorithmic solutions that will be integrated into the product to control robot motion, prioritise tasks, optimise stock retention and placement, and more in order to improve performance and business outcomes.
  • Run experiments, simulated or in production, to test ideas and drive decisions.
  • Maintain high software engineering standards for scale and quality.


The perfect candidate is someone who:

  • Is thrilled when they solve complex problems.
  • A master in multiple data science and machine learning techniques, but will happily choose linear regression if that’s the right tool for the job.
  • Has grown to realise that the most complex part is to ask the right questions before jumping into providing the answers.
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in research, data science and algorithms development, and familiarity with a variety of tools within these disciplines.
  • Good software engineering skills and proficiency in Python.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills, and ability to take part in diverse cross-functional teams.

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