Tel Aviv, Israel

Senior Robotics Data Scientist

About the position

If you ever had the opportunity to order your groceries online, you probably asked yourself what is so difficult in getting your order on time? today Fabric is automating the process by building robotic micro-fulfillment centers within cities, so your groceries arrive at your door in an hour- an amazing service!  

Our architecture and code manage the movement of more than 400 robots in a small place.

Fabric is a developer of automated warehouses for the online market. We have recently completed our Funding Round C with over 200M$ according to a company worth of over 1 bilion dollars!

with warehouses deployed in the US and in Israel, and contracts to deploy more with the largest suppliers in the US, Our System Reliability team is looking for a top notch Robotics- Data scientist to join our ranks.

 Job Summary

In this role, you will improve the MFC availability and robustness by modeling the health of the site's robots according to automatically generated big data, in order to establish predictive maintenance of the site's robots. the goal is to deliver root cause analysis on robot's health, provide actionable intelligence on robots' robustness, and locate Robotic faults before they happen.


robot and robotic environment analysis goals:

• Study databases and analysis apps (Elastic, SnowFlake, Kibana, Grafana, and more), to extract and analyse data from the System components.(usage, errors, sensor data)

• Define meaningful metrics to measure the availability of system components.

• model the degradation of robots and create automatic alerts to notify which robots are about to fail.

• visualize and display of the metrics above in a coherent, understandable manner, that allows tracking of improvement.

Fault analysis goals:

• Work in collaboration with system engineers to define data required for pinpointing root causes of errors and faults 

• implement data generation, extraction, and analysis.

Predictive maintenance goals:

• Deduce correlations between component periodic telemetry (“health parameters”) and component errors/faults

• Predict upcoming faults in robots, floors and Shelves, based on correlations, and lead connection of alerts to the available site control systems.

Become a focal point for robotic data understanding in the company


• Experience in data science (at least 4 years, at least one year in the industry)

• Experience in modeling of automatically generated big-data real-world problems

• Programming: python, SQL, C++ (at least 2 of the following)

• Education- Relevant degree (EE, ME, CS or exact science)

• Systematic vision and ability to dive into details

• Understanding of physical systems, preferably with technical/ robotics background  

• Ability to document and present data and conclusions in a coherent manner

• Ability to work independently, and to collaborate as part of a team

• Acquaintance with Verification and Validation methods- advantage

* Acquaintance with Health based monitoring- an advantage