Fast & future-proofed
e-commerce fulfillment

Scale fulfillment capacity and provide fast, profitable deliveries with Fabric's network of automated micro-fulfillment centers.

Give your customers what they expect: fast delivery

With Fabric, brands achieve a superior customer experience with same-day and next-day deliveries. By leveraging a network of local and automated micro-fulfillment centers, we make your online business a growth driver rather than a cost center.

Make your online business a growth driver rather than a cost center

Delight your customers

Delight your customers

Make two-day delivery your new standard and enable next-day and same-day to meet demand and exceed expectations.

Scale fulfillment capacity

Scale fulfillment capacity

Leverage a network of micro-fulfillment centers to quickly increase capacity with no investments in real estate or labor.

Predict inventory needs

Predict inventory needs

Gain unmatched data insights to inform inventory planning for assortment, allocation, and replenishment cycles.

Recapture revenue

Solve fulfillment constraints and unlock new revenue for fast ROI

Boost customer satisfaction, improve brand loyalty, and capture more peak-season sales with shorter cut-off dates.


Overcome labor shortages and costs as a barrier for scale

Through automation and robotics, Fabric solves your labor challenge, supporting 3x higher throughput and capacity at profitable unit economics.

Inventory insights

Position inventory in the right place at the right time and the right quantity

Understand true inventory needs, capture shadow demand, and reduce over/under stocks with Fabric’s prescriptive analytics & data intelligence.


Reduce your carbon footprint with hyperlocal micro-fulfillment

Fabric’s solution dramatically reduces long-haul shipping emissions and promotes eco-friendly packaging to help brands meet their sustainability goals.


Address the challenges of today while building the supply chain of the future

Fabric’s nimble solution keeps up with the ever-changing retail environment. We’re a long term partner that unlocks the ability to automate, scale, and easily adapt to changing business conditions on-the-go.

Focus on growing your business without worrying if your logistics can keep up

Finding a 3PL is easy. Finding a fulfillment partner who can grow with you is not. Whether you need to ramp up fulfillment capacity, expand into new markets, or level up your last-mile, Fabric is your long-term strategic partner.

Getting started is quick and easy


We analyze your sales and inventory data to determine regional demand, then distribute the right products across our micro-fulfillment network.


We walk you through a quick and seamless integration with your website to capture orders and provide customers with available shipping times.


We pick, pack, and ship the order from our state-of-the-art micro-fulfillment centers.


Partnering with Fabric allows you to personalize orders, customize packaging, test new markets, and drive down costs as you scale.

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Take a look inside one of our operational MFCs from the comfort and convenience of your desk. Simply dial in for a live private tour.