The only solution that enables same-day delivery, cost-efficiently and at scale

Fabric owns the infrastructure, robotics and software that power world-class online shopping experiences

The Fabric Advantage

Drive revenue up. Drive costs down. Start delivering tomorrow.

Get closer, deliver faster

Fabric’s cutting-edge software and robotics ensure local stock availability and same-day delivery with a growing network of micro-fulfillment centers.

Drive conversion and repeat purchases

Differentiated, high value offering throughout the shopping experience – from product page to checkout and post-purchase.

Grow NPS

Increase your customers’ satisfaction by providing fast fulfillment, a delivery time guarantee, and proactive communication for increased visibility and engagement.

Reduce costs

Fabric’s automated fulfillment drives labor efficiency. Our high-density footprint further reduces costs and expenditures. Even better, we do all this with zero capital investment required from you.

Own the brand experience and customer relationships

Fabric allows you to define the end-to-end delivery experience while owning the data and customer relationship.

Our Solutions



Make same-day online grocery a dependable source of revenue with a micro-fulfillment solution that keeps you close to your customers while keeping costs down.

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Exceed customer expectations and drive loyalty with ultra-fast, hyper branded deliveries, made possible with Fabric.

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What our customers are saying about us

"Fabric’s technology will allow us to turn our existing regional facilities into high-velocity automated distribution centers, speeding our expansion into new markets with 2-hour on-demand delivery."

David McInerney | CEO, FreshDirect
David McInerney

What our customers are saying about us

"Robots pick a full grocery cart in 10 minutes, and reduce our labor costs by 90%."

Rami Levy | CEO, Rami Levy
Rami Levy

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Test the Fabric micro-fulfillment solution with a few SKUs and get a real feel for how quick and seamless it is to get set up. The quick start program brings all of the benefit with minimal effort and zero commitment.