Maximum flexibility maximum automation: The best-fit solution for grocery micro-fulfillment.

Our MFCs were designed to automate more than any other micro-fulfillment solution out there.

On-demand fulfillment built to fit your business needs

Not all micro-fulfillment solutions are created equal. Choose a solution designed especially for the grocery industry’s uniquely complex needs.

Fit anywhere, build at any size

Unlike conveyor-based legacy technology, the flexible topology of our system means we can easily fit in almost any existing space, no matter the size, shape, or structural design constraints.

This allows quick deployment, and the flexibility to set up micro-fulfillment centers in various real estate formats such as the back of a store, a standalone facility, or as a click and collect station.

We also provide the ability to start small and add capacity and/or functionality as you go.

Smart software, simple reliable robotics

We keep our robots simple and reliable and put all the complexity in the software. This enables us to constantly introduce innovations.

It also allows for remote monitoring and control, which means no technicians are required on site, further reducing operational costs.

A complete solution,

By offering a complete solution of software, hardware and services covering the entire fulfillment process, we save you the need to purchase a separate WMS or a sortation solution, reducing integration headaches and the need to work with multiple vendors.

Because we own the entire solution end-to-end, each component integrates and works together harmoniously.

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Make same-day online grocery a dependable source of revenue with a micro-fulfillment solution that keeps you close to your customers while keeping costs down.

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Exceed customer expectations and drive loyalty with ultra-fast, hyper branded deliveries, made possible with Fabric.

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What our customers are saying about us

"Fabric’s technology will allow us to turn our existing regional facilities into high-velocity automated distribution centers, speeding our expansion into new markets with 2-hour on-demand delivery."

David McInerney | CEO, FreshDirect
David McInerney

What our customers are saying about us

"Robots pick a full grocery cart in 10 minutes, and reduce our labor costs by 90%."

Rami Levy | CEO, Rami Levy
Rami Levy

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