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Flexible Proprietary
Technology Stack

Unlike old shuttle-based, conveyor-based legacy technology, our platform is the most flexible, robust, and reliable micro-fulfillment platform on the market

Our solution at a glance

  • Proprietary end-to-end technology stack

    From our robotics to our AI, all of our technology was built from scratch in-house especially to enable high throughput from small spaces

  • On-demand fulfillment

    Our sites are located in close proximity to your customers or stores, enabling profitable one-hour or same-day fulfillment

  • Optimized for space efficiency

    Our sites are optimized for storage density with a special emphasis on utilizing height, allowing us to maximize storage in the smallest spaces

  • Operational efficiency

    Our goods-to-person system increases labor efficiency by 10x and ensures more accuracy during the picking process and more efficient stock management

  • High throughput

    The unique topology of our system, such as direct access to all totes and robots that travel anywhere under the lifted shelving units, prevents bottlenecks and enables high throughput

  • Total flexibility in assortment

    Our platform supports anywhere from 200 to 60,000 SKUs, from one to three temperature zones

  • Flexible to your operational reality

    Our working stations are multi-purpose, which means the site can adapt to your daily and weekly operational fluctuations, allowing you to direct all resources to the most critical tasks at hand

  • No single point of failure

    Instead of using conveyor belts or shuttles which can shut down operations if they fail, we use distributed agent-based technology with built-in redundancy

  • Fast deployment

    Our solution has been designed in a way that makes them fast to build and deploy, so you can get up and running in as little as 100 days with our Quick Start Program

Our solution design principles

Optimized for throughput per footprint

There are some solutions that optimize for space efficiency, and there are others that optimize for throughput, but ours has optimized for both: it generates high throughput from small spaces, close to where consumers live.

Simple, reliable robots, smart software

We keep our robots as simple and as reliable as possible and put all the complexity in the software. This enables us to iterate and improve on our platform quickly while keeping it cost-effective for our retail partners.

Multi-purpose stations

Most fulfillment platforms have components devoted to one single purpose (decant, picking, or dispatching) that sit vacant much of the time. To improve efficiency, save space, save money, and increase throughput, our touchpoints and terminals are all multi-purpose.

Cube utilization

To optimize for throughput in small spaces, our platform utilizes the entire 3D cube of the site, including height. This allows us to fit more goods into smaller spaces and store them based on the volume and velocity of different items.


Our simple site design, without the complicated mapping of conveyor belts, enables us to build new sites rapidly. In addition, each site can easily expand in storage and capacity while operational; no need to plan full capacity in advance.

Robustness and reliability

Unlike platforms that rely on shuttles or conveyors, our distributed agent-based technology enables “graceful degradation” — it has built-in redundancy so if a component malfunctions, the site continues operating.

What makes us different from
other solutions?


Proprietary solution designed specifically for micro-fulfillment
  • While other solutions retrofit legacy technology for micro-fulfillment, we built our solution from the ground up to take a purpose-built approach to automation
  • We are uniquely positioned to support high throughput from small spaces, close to your stores and customers


Maximum system
  • We have no shuttles, no conveyor belts, and no single points of failure. Our agent-based technology means robots can be swapped out while the system is still running.
  • We’ve put all the complexity of our system into our robust software, which can be easily iterated upon and optimized
  • We use remote analytics and preemptive maintenance to maximize up-time


Unparalleled architectural flexibility
  • Our platform has total flexibility to accommodate various sizes, shapes, and capabilities, with ceilings from 13 feet to up to 30 feet tall and floor plans from 6,000 square feet to up to 100,000 square feet
  • We can support any product range, from 200 to 60,000 SKUs, ambient only or three temperature zones of full-assortment grocery


Specially designed for a high volume of on-demand orders
  • Our ground robots can move underneath the shelving units, which prevents traffic jams and improves pick rates
  • The multi-purpose stations and shared resources save on space, which shrinks the footprint and increases the throughput
  • Pick-ahead capabilities and staging within the system enable load balancing; get your next-day orders out of the way so you can be ready for your on-demand orders


Most cost-effective platform
  • Our goods-to-person platform is the most labor-efficient system, and remote monitoring cuts down on technician costs
  • Our robotics are simple and inexpensive, which makes scaling throughput flexible, fast, and cost-effective
  • If you subscribe to the service mode and join a site that we own and operate, you can join a tenant who complements your peak hours and demand, which drives down your costs


Highly scalable
  • Fast deployment: Due to our automatic design process, a new site can be easily designed and built from scratch; even with a custom design, there’s no need to map out the complex path of conveyor belts
  • The flexibility of the architecture means the solution can adapt to the unique needs of all your sites, no matter the physical requirements
  • Scalable capacity: There’s no need for years-long ramp-up periods or planning the full capacity in advance. Just add more touchpoints, robots, or shelving units as your business grows.

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