Remember the joy of building things as a kid?

Maybe you’ve lost it, clicking on a keyboard all day to watch your work disappear into the cloud. In tech, it’s easy to feel disconnected from the product you’re building.

But not at Fabric. No matter your role, you’re hands-on. You can see, touch, and interact with the physical product (hello, robots!) and have a real impact.

We’re combining cloud-scale software with advanced robotics

And we’re blasting the e-commerce world into the future. Bold, we know. But we can back it up.

We’re a talent-driven company that brings cloud software down to earth. Our global team of tinkerers, innovators, and a-little-bit-weird geniuses, from Software Engineers to Product Managers to Data Wizards (not an actual job title), are leaders in the global on-demand e-commerce and supply chain revolution.

Who knew supply chains could be so cool?

We’re building a new urban infrastructure to enable on-demand e-commerce, where advanced software algorithms meet cutting-edge robotics to make magic happen.

Picture hundreds of robots working in cloud-connected tandem, perfectly picking thousands of customer orders so people can get what they need  fast.

That’s Fabric. And it’s pretty awesome.

You might be the right fit for our team if you’re...

  • A bonafide wizard at what you do — whether that’s slinging code, selling products, or wrangling data
  • Tired of your parents’ eyes glazing over when you tell them what you do for a living
  • Ready to change the e-commerce game forever
  • Hungry to challenge yourself at a fast-growing, ultra-collaborative company where your hard work is noticed and rewarded

Sound like you? Let’s chat.

Picture yourself at Fabric

What our team loves about Fabric

"The challenges are endless and they keep changing so there’s never a dull moment."

Asaf Erez | Software Group Leader
Asaf Erez

What our team loves about Fabric

"Everything we work on has an impact on the final product. The ability to see the results in the real world is always exciting."

Olga Shtivelman | Software Team Leader
Olga Shtivelman

What our team loves about Fabric

"All the people at Fabric go above and beyond to help whenever you have a problem."

Barak Shilo | Senior Software Engineer
Barak Shilo

What our team loves about Fabric

"I love working at Fabric for many reasons. It’s exciting to be at a company that is building and selling a product that will transform the retail supply chain as we know it. Also, the Fabric team is the best – it’s fun to collaborate daily with such great people across divisions and continents!"

Audrey | Strategic Finance

What our team loves about Fabric

"My work environment allows me to drive real value every day, to the company and to our customers! I love coming to work and am surrounded by super talented and great people!"

Vered | Director of Operations

Ready to join us?