Let’s make an impact together.

We’re creating the next generation of online shopping solutions focused on exceeding customer expectations in a “need it now” world. Robots are certainly part of the equation, but humans are the brains behind this operation. So we’re looking for bright, high energy people who want to create, automate, invent, solve, and have a global impact on a multi-billion dollar industry that’s rocketing upward. If that sounds like your type of thing, then you could be a great fit for the Fabric team.

Who we are

We are a group of 200+ innovators who span a wide range of disciplines — from mechanical and software engineers, to logistics experts and product managers. We’re smart, tech-driven, love what we do, and share the same aspiration to change the world for the better! Every day brings a new challenge and with it, an opportunity to learn, work hard, and excel.

And while we’re not short on perks and benefits, what truly matters to us are the people we work with and the impact we’re making.

What We Do

Fabric enables retailers and brands to provide a fast, engaging delivery experience. By leveraging innovative software and robotics and placing micro-fulfillment centers close to where customers are, we make 1-hour delivery possible. Better yet, with Fabric’s powerful technology, businesses can deliver an engaging, branded experience that helps strengthen their customer relationships.

Founded in 2015, we’ve raised $138 million to date and are backed by top-tier VCs. With offices in New York City, Atlanta, London and Tel Aviv, we’re rapidly expanding our operations across the globe.

Picture yourself at Fabric

What our team loves about Fabric

"My work environment allows me to drive real value every day, to the company and to our customers! I love coming to work and am surrounded by super talented and great people!"

Vered | Director of Operations

What our team loves about Fabric

"I love working at Fabric for many reasons. It’s exciting to be at a company that is building and selling a product that will transform the retail supply chain as we know it. Also, the Fabric team is the best – it’s fun to collaborate daily with such great people across divisions and continents!"

Audrey | Strategic Finance

What our team loves about Fabric

"Fabric is what I am looking for in a company: great technology and an amazing product which perfectly fits the market! What has exceeded my expectations, is the culture and the people I work with. It’s a great company and I am very happy to be on this rocketship. The future is happening now!"

Anne-Marie | Sales Director