The future of retail is fast and flexible

Your fulfillment and distribution strategy should be too. Fabric’s automated micro-
fulfillment solution enables brands to quickly increase their capacity, overcome
labor scarcity, and meet growing consumer demand, both online and off.

A flexible fulfillment solution designed to scale with
your business

Improve Storage Density

More capacity without the need for additional space.

Ramp up capacity in near real time by leveraging Fabric’s 3D cube topology designed to improve the storage density of your existing footprint.

Overcome Labor Shortages

Give your employees opportunities for less repetitive, higher value roles.

Fabric solves your labor challenge with automation, supporting higher throughput and capacity, and reducing operating expenses.

Advanced Inventory Accuracy

Once inventory enters our Smart Cube, you’ll never lose track of it.

Gain access to real-time inventory data, and glean insights to inform inventory planning for replenishment cycles.

Provide a superior experience for your customers

Customers expect fast deliveries. Fabric’s robotic fulfillment
solution will increase throughput, capacity and operational
efficiency, helping your brand achieve best-in-class delivery

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