Fabric employees

Our Story

At Fabric, we believe online shopping should be as friendly and personal as when you’re shopping at a store. We serve retailers and brands and our mission is to bring brands and online shoppers closer.

Leveraging state-of-the-art software and robotics in our micro-fulfillment centers, we elevate the shopping experience while lowering the cost to serve, all while maintaining the brand’s ownership of the experience. We believe there’s huge unlocked potential for brands to tell a new brand story and for shoppers to enjoy a much better experience.

We’ve raised $138 million to date and accomplished a lot, but we’re just getting started. So here’s to getting closer to expand your reach, giving customers more reasons to stay loyal to your brand.

Meet Fabric



The Fabric leadership team is made up of seasoned technology and retail professionals who seek to change the world in a big way. What they all have in common is an interest in constantly challenging the way things work in order to find simpler or more efficient ways of doing things. Every member of the team is a creative problem solver, intent on improving the way we live.



We'd love discuss how Fabric's micro-fulfillment network can get you closer to your customers.