Automated grocery fulfillment to fit your business needs

Not all micro-fulfillment solutions are created equal. Fabric’s solution is designed especially for the grocery industry’s uniquely complex needs.

Fit anywhere, build at any size

Unlike legacy automation technologies, the flexible topology of our system means we can easily fit in almost any existing space, whether it’s the back of a store, a standalone facility, or as a click and collect station.

Start small and add capacity and/or functionality as you go.

Smart software, simple reliable robotics

Our software-driven approach enables us to constantly innovate and improve our hardware and systems.

Expect remote monitoring and control. No technicians are required on site, further reducing operational costs.

A complete solution,

A complete solution of software, hardware and services covering the entire fulfillment process, saves you the need to purchase a separate WMS or a sortation solution, reducing integration headaches and the need to work with multiple vendors.

Micro-fulfillment makes online grocery a dependable
source of revenue, not the cost of staying competitive



Leverage existing real-estate and bring automated micro-fulfillment centers close to where your customers are, enabling on-demand pickup and delivery.

Better Service

Better Service

Automation reduces pick errors and enables better inventory visibility, minimizing product substitutions and improving customer satisfaction.

More Efficient

More Efficient

More efficient – Automation allows you to reduce manual picking cost and scale more efficiently, which can be challenging when relying on manual labor.

How it Works

Once the customer completes an online purchase on your website, the order is channeled to Fabric’s system.

Robots immediately start collecting the items in the MFC.

Our agile robots quickly transport the items to be picked. Loose items are picked in a manned station optimized for grocery picking.

Packaged items are picked by AI-powered robotic arms, freeing up the operators to perform more complex tasks.

On-demand orders are pushed to the top of the queue, while same-day and next-day orders get picked in advance during off-peak hours for maximum site efficiency.

A full grocery order is picked and ready to be dispatched in under 10 minutes!

Choose the micro-fulfillment
model that best fits your needs



Leverage your existing real-estate assets. Provide your customers with extended assortment, including super-slow movers, from the store.

Standalone warehouse

Standalone warehouse

Set up an automated fulfillment operation without disrupting your stores. Future proof your operation as online sales continues to trend upward.

What our customers are saying about us

"Fabric’s micro-fulfillment center in downtown Tel Aviv can pick and pack a full grocery order within 10 minutes. It reduced our labor costs by 90%."

Rami Levy | CEO, Rami Levy
Rami Levy

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