Fabric is the Infrastructure that Provides Profitable One-Hour E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, September 10, 2019 — CommonSense Robotics announced today that it has rebranded to Fabric. The new brand is inspired by the company’s broader commitment to enabling retailers to retain their uniqueness while strengthening customer relationships through a new supply chain infrastructure that enables faster and cheaper on-demand fulfillment. This initiative was undertaken in partnership with Brooklyn-based branding agency Red Antler, the “cult brand whisperer” behind some of the hottest brands in the US including Casper, Allbirds, Birchbox, and Brandless.

While the digital age has made it easier for retailers to communicate with their customers, the rise of e-commerce has also created many new challenges. As cities and metropolitan areas become denser, storefronts become smaller, and consumers demand faster deliveries, existing supply chains are no longer able to serve retailers’ needs. To meet consumer expectations, retailers are forced to choose between fulfillment centers characterized by expensive and slow last-mile journeys, costly and inefficient manual fulfillment, or handing over their hard-earned customer relationships to third parties. The limits of current supply chain infrastructures are challenging retailers’ core businesses: maintaining customer relationships and getting goods to these customers.

Micro-fulfillment, a logistics solution created by the founders of then-CommonSense Robotics in 2015, was born out of this existential challenge that retailers face. By placing automation in close proximity to end consumers, micro-fulfillment drives speed, cost reduction, and scale of operations. Since its launch, the company has grown to over 160 people with offices in Tel Aviv and New York and has built a breakthrough proprietary logistics solution that is production-proven. 

“In becoming Fabric, our vision is finally reflected in our brand,” said Elram Goren, CEO and co-founder of Fabric. “For us, our robots and software are critical to what we do, but at the end of the day, they’re a means to an end. What we’re really here to do is to be the fabric of the new world of e-commerce: mission-critical on-demand order fulfillment, enabling goods to be fulfilled and delivered faster and cheaper within cities. With a location-first approach, micro-fulfillment centers now become part of cities’ fabric, enabling retailers to maintain their hard-earned identity and customer relationships while also building a thriving e-commerce business. This new brand reflects our vision to transform last-mile logistics so that on-demand e-commerce becomes a profitable and scalable business for all retailers.”

Coinciding with the rebrand is the announcement that Fabric has relocated its headquarters from Tel Aviv to New York City and has recently appointed two senior executives to join its growing U.S.-based leadership team. Fabric’s Chief Financial Officer is Patrick Davis, who has over 15 years of technology leadership experience, including 10 years of experience in subscription-based industries and infrastructure-as-a-service. Mr. Davis will leverage his vast experience in cloud computing to lead the financial optimization of the company’s private and public network of micro-fulfillment centers. Fabric’s Chief Commercial Officer Steve Hornyak brings 30 years of retail technology leadership experience and has actively prepared for and executed two IPOs and will lead the company’s global sales and marketing.

“There’s no doubt about it — when it comes to fulfillment, you need to get closer to grow bigger,” said Steven Hornyak, Fabric CCO. “Traditional supply chains are broken for profitable one-hour fulfillment, and we’re here to fix that with micro-fulfillment. When it comes to fulfillment retailers need absolute flexibility, whether it’s their technical and operational requirements or their business needs. While other fulfillment solutions force retailers to compromise on critical value propositions, our platform enables retailers to grow their business while also bringing them closer to their customers. We are proud to serve as a transparent partner that’s committed to helping retailers meet their goals, whether that’s 5,000 SKUs or 50,000 SKUs that need to be fulfilled and delivered on-demand.”

The new brand is effective immediately. Visit www.getfabric.com to explore the new website and learn about Fabric’s new platform model.


About Fabric

Fabric is a logistics platform that makes on-demand e-commerce possible, profitable, and sustainable for retailers while powering every retailer’s unique offering. The company builds multi-tenant and private networks of automated Micro-Fulfillment Centers that make on-demand e-commerce profitable by locating automation physically close to end-customers.

Unlike any other micro-fulfillment solution, Fabric’s unique purpose-built proprietary solution enables cloud-like elasticity for retailers, enabling them total flexibility to build a custom solution based on their unique inventory level, desired reach, and opex and capex requirements, expanding and flexing as their needs change.

The company’s solution has been deployed commercially since 2018 and is production-proven. With offices in Tel Aviv and New York, Fabric is rapidly expanding its U.S. operations. Founded in 2015, Fabric is backed by the top-tier venture capitalists Innovation Endeavors, Aleph, and Playground.


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