2022 Retail Report

The 3 Biggest Last-Mile Challenges the Retail Industry is Facing Today

+ Key Strategies to Overcome Them

Fulfillment has never been so challenging for brands and retailers…

E-commerce in the US has skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic, pushing supply chains to the breaking point. To get a clearer sense of the challenges that businesses are facing today, we surveyed 500 consumers and 200 retailers and brands. What we learned may surprise you.

Download our 2022 retail report to discover:
  • How much order volume has increased and why retailers are struggling to adapt
  • Why the rise of e-commerce has put shipping carriers in a position of power
  • The gap between what retailers know is coming and the plans they have in place
  • The true cost of insufficient fulfillment capacity for brands and retailers
  • How retailers define “fast delivery” versus how consumers define it
  • Strategies for retailers to overcome the last-mile challenges they’re facing

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