Four Factors That Make Fabric’s Solution Unique

Four Factors That Make Fabric's Solution Unique

Consumers’ demand for high-speed e-Commerce fulfilment is gradually, but consistently increasing – from next-day to same-day to on-demand delivery.

With this, numerous technological solutions have emerged intending to help retailers and brands rise to the occasion. But while many have succeeded in part, there is still a limit to the level of flexibility retailers can achieve.

The reason is simple: legacy thinking. Most solutions were designed for conditions at that point in time based on existing technology, with no real sense of how radically e-Commerce would reshape business’s fulfilment needs.

Fabric’s automated end-to-end micro-fulfilment model changes this. It is a complete solution, designed to provide retailers with everything they need to achieve the extreme flexibility modern e-Commerce demands. It was purpose-built to help businesses successfully navigate uncertainty and deliver market-leading customer experience, no matter how fast demand grows.

Here are four ways it stands out from the crowd:

1. A Comprehensive Solution

Too often, fulfilment solutions are made by combining hardware, software and services from multiple vendors. This creates both headache-inducing integration challenges and additional unnecessary cost.

Fabric’s solution, however, is a complete solution for micro-fulfillment, spanning software, hardware and services. It covers the entire fulfilment process – from receiving to dispatch – streamlining operations and removing the need for complicated integrations or expensive Warehouse Management Systems.

2. Flexible Topology

Building a new fulfilment center – or fitting a micro-fulfilment center into existing real estate – can be a major logistical feat. This means most solutions take a long time to implement and are at the mercy of various physical design constraints.

Our solution’s topology is purpose-built to be extremely flexible, fitting easily into virtually any space – regardless of its structural complexity or size. This means we can have your micro-fulfilment centers up and running far quicker than our competitors, and generate far fewer logistical difficulties in the process.

3. Software-Led Robotics

Traditionally, micro-fulfilment providers have focused exclusively on robotics hardware. This made sense historically, because of various technical limitations. The result, however, is excessively rigid solutions which are costly to maintain and difficult to improve as new possibilities appear.

Fabric offers the only micro-fulfilment solution that employs software-led robotics. Our approach enables a far greater level of flexibility, allowing us to upgrade your system to integrate cutting-edge innovations and respond to changes in your requirements or priorities at pace.

Being software-focused also reduces costs considerably. It means our robots can be monitored and controlled remotely, removing the need for on-site technicians. And it allows us to build far simpler robots, which are both cheaper and more reliable.

4. End-to-End Automation

While most automated systems are more efficient than pure human labor, many struggle to provide maximum efficiency because separate components don’t operate successfully in combination.

Fabric’s robotic automation solution covers the end-to-end process, which ensures you are able to consistently locate and capitalize on opportunities for greater efficiency and time saving. Fabric’s solution, for example, enables you to automate sorting and staging, so that you can make better use of off-peak periods and get next-day orders out of the way as efficiently as possible.

Conclusion | Building For Retailers’ True Needs

Many businesses have still not fully absorbed how critical high-speed fulfilment is going to be for the future of their organisation. But e-Commerce has grown meteorically throughout 2020, and retailers and brands must act fast to ensure they do not get left behind.

Our solution is specifically designed to ensure retailers are ready and able to adapt to this incoming pressure, providing them with a complete solution that enables the agile and cost-efficient high-speed fulfilment they need.

If you’d like to improve your fulfilment capacities and unlock the true growth potential of e-Commerce, get in touch today.