Holiday Report

How the "Shipocalypse" Stole Christmas

Why carrier-imposed capacity limits and cut-off dates are revenue killers during the holiday season & what retailers can do about it

For retailers and brands, the 2021 holiday season is shaping up to be more “shipocalypse” than it is shiny and bright.

To get a clearer sense of the e-commerce fulfillment challenges that businesses are facing this time of year, we surveyed 200 retailers and brands. One last-mile lump of coal that far outweighs all other concerns among the retailers we surveyed? Shipping carrier constraints.

In this report we cover:

Why retailers and brands say carrier constraints are a top threat

Why retailers expect losses to be even greater this holiday season

The stop-gap solutions that retailers are turning to as workarounds

The extent of the damage of last year's holiday "shipocalypse"

The real cost of carrier-imposed cut-off dates and capacity limits

The benefits of a distributed fulfillment strategy for sustainable e-commerce

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