We’ve launched our newest Dallas micro-fulfillment center and announced our partnership with Chill Brands!

Exciting news: Fabric has launched its newest micro-fulfillment center (MFC) in Dallas, Texas!

At only 13,000 square feet, our newest automated micro-fulfillment center still has the capacity to fulfill 28,000 items per day in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, bringing unprecedented e-commerce efficiency close to where consumers live. While the footprint of this Dallas MFC is small (something that’s imperative if you’ve looked at industrial real estate prices recently!) our technology enables us to utilize the full height of the space. This means our actual fulfillment footprint is an impressive 89,000 cubic feet.

This Dallas location is the latest in Fabric’s growing network of automated MFCs across the United States that give brands the local coverage on the national scale they need to provide the fast deliveries that consumers expect at profitable unit economics. It represents a real fulfillment paradigm shift away from relying on scarce and expensive manual labor and long and expensive shipping distances, finally making it possible for brands to scale and succeed with their e-commerce businesses.

The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area is a super strategic location for brands. It’s the 4th largest metro in the US, and has become the fastest-growing metro in the US for several years running. Our MFC there is strategically located to support same-day delivery access to 6.8 million consumers, and next-day delivery access to a whopping 42 million consumers.

We are also thrilled to announce that the first brand to launch in Fabric’s Dallas MFC is Chill Brands, a lifestyle brand that is rapidly growing its e-commerce business and needs to scale its D2C fulfillment capacity quickly on a national scale. All orders made via will be fulfilled within Fabric’s Dallas MFC.

By partnering with Fabric, Chill is able to:

  • Overcome labor shortages and costs as a barrier to scale. Our software-led automated technology stack solves the labor challenge, reducing risk while supporting high throughput and capacity at profitable unit economics.
  • Provide local coverage in Dallas today and as Chill’s volume increases, leveraging our growing network of sites in the future to provide national converge with a truly future-proofed solution
  • Provide a superior customer experience of fast deliveries at the same (or even better) unit economics as standard shipping

“We’ve got big plans to expand our e-commerce abilities, and we’re looking for an ideal partner to help us ramp up capacity without a huge investment in real estate,” said Callum Sommerton, Chill Brands’ Chief Executive Officer. “Fabric’s MFC is a perfect fit for us and allows us to continue to deliver an exceptional customer experience from click to delivery.”

We know that it has never been so important for brands to provide absolutely amazing customer experiences, but due to last-mile constraints and challenges, it has also never been more difficult. That’s why we’re committed to partnering with brands to make their online business a growth driver rather than a cost center, and this Dallas location is just the latest in our mission to solve brands’ problems of today while already anticipating the future challenges of retail.

Here’s to the journey!

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